Why choose us

The right study for every question
The Science Behind doesn’t follow a one-size-fits-all model. Our approach and ability to apply one or many techniques from the widest range of available means that we are not constrained in anyway. Ensuring that each study is using the most appropriate methods to give the insight required.

Integrity in study design and implementation
Our management and delivery team includes active neuroscientists; who are well positioned academics and are responsible for the study design and data analysis of all our services.

Confidence in results and recommendations
We are unique in that we can combine and time-lock the widest range of neuroscience techniques. This means that not only can we see the brain response we can time-lock it to specific events and validate it with other methods.

Clarity and credibility
The Science Behind applies the same discipline to study design and output as is applied to academic research. This ensures high standards and excellence in study design and delivery based on fact and evidence and offering clarity in conclusions.