Dr Joseph Devlin

Dr. Joseph


Joe started in artificial intelligence but found himself much more interested in how the human mind works. After training in neuroimaging at Cambridge and Oxford, he established a reputation as a leading researcher in how the human brain processes language before taking up his current position as Head of Experimental Psychology at UCL.

Joe’s research predominantly incorporates neuroscience techniques such as fMRI and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) which he uses to develop our understanding of how we speak, listen and perceive speech; how and where language is formed in the brain; and how emotion, meaning, and ambiguity in language impacts decision making.

When applied to business problems and questions, this expertise can provide insights into how to frame communications so that they lead towards desired audience responses.

Consultancy engagements include:

  • Boston Consulting Group – The Science Behind Neuromarketing
  • British Museum – showcase event Hidden Truths of Perception and Response
  • GSMA – looking at the potentials and pitfalls of neuromarketing
  • JWT – Strategy in the brain
  • BrainJuicer – Neuromarketing and Facial Coding

Joe has collaborated on various projects with a variety of media partners, including the BBC, the Times, Guardian and Daily Telegraph. Joe’s most recent public engagements include: